Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Little Koi fish

Your shining beauty
mirrored in the cool water
So intriguing, as the waves
passed upon you
and your slend body

Your bright scales shimmering
with the sun's golden rays
reflecting upon the pond
as you swims around the damsels

Little Koi fish, little girl,
You're human, and moreover,
never feel the fear or the pain,
just relaxing, until the sun come down,
and the pond refreshing around you,
little koi fish
It's bad poetry for my lil' friend, Koi.


David said...

she smoke! bad bad koi!!!


it's good poetry, for a very charming girl I love!

CaMeRoN said...

she's a beautiful girl, and your talentuous!

KOI FISH said...

thank you! thank you! thank you!

WOLDEN said...

it's the most beautiful fish I know! and the only I never eat!

eLeAnOr said...

your poetry is good Cassy!

Anonymous said...

c'est un trés beau poème, pour une trés belle jeune femme.