Monday, 3 January 2011

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

What's up with Origami Yoda? Tommy, a normal boy in sixth-grade at McQuarrie Middle school, has a huge crush on a girl named Sara. She is a girl that goes to the same school as Tommy. But he has a bigger problem: Is the advice that Origami Yoda gives, real? Origami Yoda is a piece of paper folded into the shape of Yoda from Star Wars by Dwight who is Tommy's friend. Supposedly, Origami Yoda gives advice, but that advice is not always best. Dwight, his creator, also speaks for Yoda in a very poor Yoda voice imitation. Kellen, Harvey, Lance, Mike, and Quavondo are friends of Tommy who have also sought the advice of Yoda. This book tells the story of these friends and their experiences with asking Yoda for advice and trying to determine if that advice was right or wrong to follow.

One day Kellen was leaning over the sink for some soap, but when he leaned back there was a wet spot on his pants that looked like pee,but wasn't pee. He went to ask Lance to grab his jacket from their classroom, but it would take to long and both of them could not afford to be late. To Kellen's surprise out came Dwight from a stall with Yoda on his finger (gross). "Dwight" called Kellen "Can I please ask Origami Yoda something?". "Sure" replied Dwight". "Um... Origami Yoda I got my pants wet, not because i peed, but what should I do?" asked Kellen. "All of pants you must wet." Dwight said in his Yoda voice. So Kellen quickly splashed water all over his pants. When he got to class his teacher was surprised, but at least he wasn't late. Quavondo was called the "Cheeto Hog" and this next experience tells why and how he is no longer the "Cheeto Hog". It was the day of the field trip to the zoo and the kids were not aloud to get food from the concessions stands, but everyone was starving. All the kids including Quavondo saw a vending machine and thought the teacher never said we could not get food from the vending machine. Quavondo was first in line for a snack and right after he had pushed the button the teacher came over and said "No food from the vending machines!". "But I already pressed the button" cried Quavondo. "Oh fine Quavondo can get his snack, but no one else!". People yelled out things like "Hey, I want some!" or "That's not fair!". Quavondo got so overwelhmed he stuffed his mouth with cheetos and from that day on he was known as the "Cheeto Hog". One day at lunch when Quavondo was sick and tired of people calling him "Cheeto Hog" he went over to ask Dwight if he could talk to Yoda. Dwight said "No Cheeto Hog". "Please" Quavondo begged. "No". Then Dwight's hand shot up with Yoda on one finger."Cheetos for everyone you must buy" Dwight/Origami Yoda said. Then Dwight covered his mouth with his other hand. "Assembly during tomorrow." He managed to say through his hands. "Then cheetos give you must. Big bags they must be." Later that day Quavondo's brother dropped him off a the supermarket to buy the cheetos. The next day at the assembly Quavondo passed out all the cheetos. He did get caught by the principal, but he was no longer the "Cheeto Hog". Now for the big event (drumroll). One day at lunch Tommy was trying to get an answer from Origami Yoda, but all he was saying was"purple". Suddenly Tommy asked Yoda "Why can't you stop Dwight from being such a loser?". That made Dwight angry. Next Dwight pulled Origami Yoda of his finger and threw him in the trash. The next day Harvey came to school with his own Origami Yoda. Then Tommy asked Harvey's Yoda "Does Sara like me?". "Hates you she does," said Harvey's Yoda "Laughs at you with friends she does.". "Wrong Harvey is," said a screechy voice. "Likes you she does. Much very!". So the two Yodas had a bet, Tommy has to ask Sara to dance and if she says yes Dwight wins, but if she says no Harvey wins. Who do you think will win?

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